Carriage Crossing Restaurant Application for Employment

WELCOME!!!! We are thrilled that you wish to join our family at Carriage Crossing! Before you get started, please read this information:


  • Carriage Crossing is a conservative, family-style restaurant and we want to reflect those values to our guests. Therefore, our front-of-house employees need to maintain a professional image at all times. That means Front of House Staff (Servers, Hosts, and Gift Shop Staff may not have any visible tattoos, facial piercings, bright colored fingernail polish and/or bright unnatural hair color.  Arm tattoos must be covered by long sleeves. If you are unsure, please ask during your interview.

  •  Saturday is our busiest day of the week. To be considered for a position here, you must have either daytime or evening availability on Saturdays.

  • Due to labor laws, applicants age 14-15 may be hired as dishwashers or hosts and will have very limited hours.